Last week we took our maternity photos and I’m so excited to share them! We originally planned to take them in a wheat field, but when we got to the location, all of the wheat had just been cut (gasp) so the entire field was bare. Luckily, we were only about 20 minutes away from one of my favorite desert spots so we headed there and I’m so happy we did because I love how the photos turned out!

This may be a little surprising coming from me, but I originally was going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to take the time to shoot maternity photos at all. I was on the fence, but not because I don’t absolutely love maternity photos- trust me, I do! Maternity photos are actually some of my favorite sessions to shoot as a photographer. So why the heck would I consider not taking any myself?! Hang with me as I explain. As a photographer, Fall is one of my busiest seasons, and it just so happened to be right in the sweet spot of my pregnancy to take maternity photos (which is any time between 28 weeks to 32 weeks if you’re wondering). This meant that taking a day to shoot maternity photos for my family consequentially meant saying no to potential clients who may want to book the same day. Blocking off one day in my calendar might not sound like a big deal, but if you work in the wedding industry or are a small business owner, you probably get where I’m coming from. Work/life balance is tough to have in general- but it can be especially hard if you’re an entrepreneur because when you don’t work, you don’t get paid, period. With all of that in mind, I had pause when it came to blocking a day off of my calendar during my busy season, however I’m so glad I did.

Now that we have the photos, I know I absolutely made the right choice. When it came down to our final decision on whether or not to take the photos, I reminded myself that this is my first pregnancy and I realized I really wanted to capture this exciting time in our life before our family of two becomes three. If you’re on the fence on whether or not you want to schedule maternity photos, I’d absolutely recommend it! Obviously I’m a photographer so that recommendation probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but as a mama to be myself, I know my husband and I (and our baby eventually) will cherish these photos forever.


Hi for the white dress what did you search for on Amazon?

Hi Dalila! Here’s the link to the dress 🙂

Is that where it’s from- amazon? I have been searching the web for weeks haha, I saw pictures of another woman in this dress but a tan/pink color and saw the free people version and didn’t have the colors white or tan/pink which is a lot of the appeal! Help! It’s so pretty and perfect with sleeves and belly show!

Hi Kaleigh! Here’s the link to the dress- it comes in a ton of colors and is bump friendly 🙂

Hi! Where did you get your white dress from
In your photos? I absolutly love it and want to find something like that for my photos!! Thanks in advance!

Hi Kayla! Free People has a dress similar to this or you can find this dupe on amazon! 🙂

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