Before we knew our baby’s gender, one of our favorite things to do was ask our family and friends to guess if they thought we were having a girl or a boy. The vast majority guessed girl, which is what my husband, Keaton, thought we were having. I on the other hand, was convinced this baby was a boy. I joked with Keaton saying I was 100% sure our baby was a boy and then he’d fire back with “well I’m 101% sure it’s a girl!”

People commonly asked us if we had a preference on the baby’s gender, but from the start we both agreed we’d be equally happy either way. To us it seemed like no matter what you can’t lose- either way you get a BABY! (Though I will say that I think my side of the family was secretly rooting for a boy because boys are a rarity in my family!)

When the day finally came for us to find out the gender we were SO excited! Keaton and I decided we wanted to find out in the doctor’s office just us two and right away (patience is not our strong suit). The first half of our appointment consisted of the technician checking out the baby’s development while we eagerly awaited her announcement of the gender. Finally the question came, “would you like to know your baby’s gender?” “YES!” we responded. And then…. “It’s a boy!”

I instantly started tearing up from the joy of knowing we were having a son. Plus, I was glad we could finally stop calling him “it” haha. I was also a little relieved to find out he was a boy because we had finalized a boy name very early on in our pregnancy so I was happy we wouldn’t have to think about baby names anymore.

Our gender reveal oddly enough fell in our lap. Up until a day or two before we took the gender reveal photos I hadn’t planned a thing. Lucky for us, my best friend’s brother and sister in law had just done a gender reveal for their baby girl, but had gotten confetti for both genders so they ended up offering us the blue confetti! Additionally, Keaton’s mom planned a mini family reveal for us where she had a boy and girl balloon ready (depending on which gender the baby ended up being) so we used that for photos as well! Who says winging it is ever a bad thing? Haha!

Megan Rich's cute baby boy gender reveal with blue confetti and boy balloon
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