There are so many ways photographers can use Pinterest to add greater value to their business.

 For starters, photographers can use Pinterest for inspiration when they’re running low. It’s easy for photographers to get in the habit of doing the same exact shoot at the same places and soon enough they feel like they’re in a creative rut. Pinterest helps fix that creative halt by providing inspiration for anything and everything. Photographers could search for inspiration such as locations, lighting use, photo styling, poses, editing techniques and more! With Pinterest, inspiration is endless.

Photographers can also use Pinterest to serve as a style guide for their clients. One of the most common questions a client will ask their photographer when they book is “what should I wear?” Pinterest can help you answer that question by putting together various style boards with different shoots in mind. Providing style inspiration for your client will be beneficial on both ends because your client will have something tangible to guide them as they choose what to wear and the style guide assists the photographers by ensuring their clients will be dressed to fit the photographers creative vision.  

Another great way photographers can use Pinterest is to add value to your clients experience by creating Pinterest boards your ideal client would like. Not only can you provide them with stunning images, but you can also give them inspiration in all areas of their life. For instance, if you are a wedding photographer it’s a great idea to have multiple boards dedicated to different aspects of a wedding. Chances are if your client is booking you as their photographer, they like your style and would benefit from the boards you’ve carefully accrued with your ideal client in mind. 

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