On the first weekend of February Keaton (my trusty assistant and hubby) and I headed to the Imperial Sand Dunes for an adventurous couples session with Alexis and Tyler! Alexis and I became quick friends during my first week of work at my last job before going full time with photography! We bonded instantly over both being engaged, obsessed with neutral color palettes, and the fact that we were both on the shorter side- and when I say shorter side, let’s face it- we’re both very short haha! So when Alexis reached out to me wanting to shoot at the sand dunes I was freaking pumped! I had been waiting for a chance to shoot at the sand dunes because all of the photos I had seen in the past looked amazing and let me tell you- it did not disappoint! The sand dunes were absolutely incredible- but boy, were they WINDY! We joked throughout the shoot how we should have brought swimming goggles and the copious amounts of sand that we were unintentionally eating every time the windy picked up! We loving coined the term “crunchies” to describe the sensation we felt every time we clenched our jaws and could hear the sand crunching in our teeth. Despite the crazy wind and all of the crunchies, Alexis and Tyler (and Reptar, their adorable pup) totally killed it at our shoot and we created some of my all time favorite photos. Just wait until you see Alexis’s black high-low maxi dress flowing in the wind- it is to die for! And you won’t want to miss sweet Reptar’s headshot at the end, the boy is a puppy model!

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