Jaylee’s pajama themed bridal shower was so fun to photograph! If you didn’t know, I photograph events all of the time and I love them! I photographed Jaylee about a year and a half ago (if you want to see that session you can find it here) and we hadn’t seen each other since so it was so fun to catch up. I was laughing with her because during her last session with me she asked when my hubby and I were going to have babies and I responded “soon hopefully” and here we are now with our 5 month old baby boy. I love thinking back to that shoot to see how our lives have progressed since. That’s always one of my favorite parts of having returning client sessions because if we haven’t seen each other between sessions we always have a ton to catch up on! When I arrived at Jaylee’s bridal shower she was getting ready in her bridesmaids stunning bathroom so before her guests arrived we did a mini shoot of Jaylee in her PJ’s and I’m obsessed with how these photos turned out! If you’re a bride and thinking about having your bridal shower photographed- do it! It’s so special to have photos to look back this sweet season of your life.

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