I first met Brooke during our freshman year of college when we joined the same sorority! She instantly stood out for her incredible humor and of course, her amazing style! Do yourself a favor and take notes on what Brooke wore because she killed it in her floral yellow midi dress, white sweater and white ankle boots. Aside from Brooke’s amazing style she is hilarious- I kid you not, she is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met! After college, Brooke moved back to California and I’d been missing her and like crazy so when she said her and her boyfriend Max were going to visit Phoenix and wanted to schedule a couples session I was ecstatic! We got up bright and early for a sunrise session in the Arizona desert. Even though it can be tough to get up early for sunrise, I always look forward to sunrise shoots because they’re unlike anything else. The quiet mornings are so peaceful and really set the tone for the shoot. An added bonus is I always feel one thousand times more productive on sunrise shoot days because you start your day so early by the time it’s noon you’ve accomplished more than you would any other day! I can’t complain about that! 🙂

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