Hello It's Me

(Megan, Not Adele)

Hey what’s up, hello. I’m Megan! 

I’m a Phoenix Wedding Photographer (but heck yes I travel)!

I was born + raised in Oregon until my fam and I moved to sunny Arizona where I eventually graduated from Arizona State University and married a straight up hottie (@ my husband). I love Jesus, chocolate, The Office, chai tea, and yep- photography!

Connections are my thing. I want to know YOU so that when it comes to your big day, it’s authentic as heck. My goal is always to make you feel comfy + cozy + yourself even when you have me third wheeling while taking pictures of your every move. My clients are the coolest people and I love getting to tell their story. I’m not here to just be your photographer for a couple hours, collect a pay check and peace. Nope, we’re going to be friends. I’m sorry- there’s just no way around it. Odds are, we have game nights. It’s a thing. Or we watch the bachelor. It really doesn’t matter what we do- what matters is building friendships that continue even when the shoot is over.